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3 Things To Avoid Before Hiring a Contractor

A home renovation is a big investment, and requires immense amount planning and preparation. At J Level & Square, we have a few tips of what to look for in a contractor. We belief suggesting things to avoid can be equally valuable. If you are in the market for a renovation or a general contractor, here are 3 things to avoid before you choose your company.

Avoid The Lowest Priced Contractor

There are a few times when a contractor may significantly under-bid the competition and this should raises a red flags. A dependable contractor will have liability insurance and license. A contractor that under-bids may not be charging the correct amount to cover all their expenses, which could mean they may not be ensured or they may increase the price half way through the job. This will costing much more in the long run.

Avoid Paying Up Front

Even though a percentage of the down payment is expected, it is important not to give your contractor the entire amount before the job is completed. Legitimate remodeling contractors have supplier accounts and credit to purchase materials. In the event a contractor asks for a pay in full t up front, you should strongly considering using a different contractor. It is also advised to set up a payment schedule, allowing the contractor to be paid as the project goes on.

Avoid Not Hiring A Contractor

Always make sure to get a breakdown of the cost and receive a copy of the signed contract. If your contractor refuses to provide a contract, or pushes for a verbal agreement, you should hire someone else. For more information on hiring a contractor, or to receive your free in-home estimate, contact us today at 484. 381.0070


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