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How Much Does Bathroom Remodeling Cost ?

Your bathroom is a space that sees a lot of use. From relaxing in the tub on weekends to ensuring your guests have a comfortable powder room to use, it’s no surprise that bathroom renovations are at the top of the priority list for many homeowners.

Bathroom remodeling might seem like a complex task, but proper planning can help you get the look and feel you want for your home. Use this guide to learn more about the benefits of remodeling your powder room, guest bathroom or master bathroom space. Typically, bathroom remodels start at $5,000 and can vary based on the size of your room and the products you choose to update.

Average Cost by Bath Size

The size of your bathroom is a major factor when it comes to the cost of a renovation. Typically, homeowners spend more to renovate master bathrooms since they increase resale value and improve day-to-day function. Here’s a quick primer to help you sort out the average cost of a renovation by bath size.

Powder Room Remodel

Average Job Cost: $5,000 - $10,000

A powder room remodel may include:

  • Faucet, toilet and vanity upgrades

  • New flooring and lighting

  • Freshly painted walls and/or new wallpaper

Guest Bathroom Remodel

Average Job Cost: $14,000 - $20,000

A guest bathroom remodel may include:

  • Upgrading bathtub or shower

  • Updating faucets, flooring and lighting

  • Installing new tile in tub or shower

  • Installing a new vanity

  • Freshly painted walls and/or new wallpaper

Master Bathroom Remodel

Average Job Cost: $30,000 & Up

A master bathroom remodel may include:

  • Installing new cabinets/possibly adding a double vanity

  • Replacing faucets

  • Installing a frameless glass shower enclosure and/or a soaking tub

  • Adding a recessed shower caddy

  • Upgrading floor tile and wall tile for shower

  • New lighting, mirror and fixtures

Features That May Affect Cost

When planning your project, it’s important to consider factors that can impact the overall cost. Here are common features that many homeowners consider:

Bathtubs: Size and style of the tub will impact price. For example, installation of a freestanding bathtub may incur additional plumbing costs.

Cabinets and Vanities: Pricing varies, with stock vanity options being the most cost-effective. Size, top style, cabinetry and material used will impact cost. Custom cabinetry may be ideal in small spaces or luxury master bathrooms.

Countertops: Materials will play a large role in renovation cost. While stone is stylish and durable, it costs more than other options. Prefabricated countertops work in many spaces and help to keep costs down.

Faucet: Price will vary depending on manufacturer, style and material used.

Sink: Pedestal sinks, drop-in sinks and designer styles all vary in cost. Typically, drop-in sinks are an affordable option available in an array of styles.

Toilet: Replacing an outdated toilet is simple and cost effective. Basic and luxury models can vary in price, but installation costs are generally low.

Tub/Shower Liner: If you cannot afford a larger upgrade or be without a working shower for too long, this is an ideal renovation idea.

Wall and Floor Tile: Ceramic, porcelain and natural stone are popular picks for floor tile in bathrooms. Materials will be the deciding factor here, but natural stone often costs more to install because it is difficult to cut and place. From natural stone and classic ceramic to glass and mosaic styles that mimic natural materials, wall tile options vary.

Whatever your remodel need do not hesitate to contact J Level & Square Today! Your locally trusted bathroom remodel contractors.


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