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Selecting the Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Sometimes searching for a kitchen remodeling contractor can be very taxing. And finding a trusted and consistent contractor can prove to be even more difficult. If you are ready to have your new kitchen created but you're having difficulty choosing the right Remodeling Contractor, this blog is for you! We have taken the time to list the important factors to consider in order to remove the stress from your search. We will help you select the best kitchen remodeling contractor for your project. These tips will assist you in your journey on getting the dream kitchen you've always wanted!

Brainstorm It is extremely important to have an overall idea of how you would like your dream kitchen to look before getting started with any contractor. Begin with what is most important; such as appliances, flooring, cabinets or countertops. You can get ideas from Pinterest or even sketch out a style while choosing your colors and materials. Consider if you would be cooking often or if you'll be entertaining/throwing parties. All of these factors will help the contractor to determine if they are capable of doing the job you need. This will also allow you to decide if you'd like to move forward on the consulting and estimating phase with the remodeling contractor.

Check Online Reviews You should do an online search for “kitchen remodeling contractors near me” and check out the reviews and testimonials. This will return a ton of search results from trusted websites to reference. Check out the reviews from all the contractors on your list and choose from the best reviews in your area. And if there is any negative feedback, observe how they respond to the client. This will help you determine their problem-solving and communication abilities. Look At Online Community Websites You can search for local contractors via online community/industry-related websites such as Angie’s List, Houzz, and Home Advisor. These networks house over 1 million combines professionals in home improvement categories. Any user can research local companies, read reviews, find pricing information and book services.

Review Certifications & Insurance Ask the remodeling contractor for their registered business name, certifications, insurances, and bonding documents. Make sure they are current on everything required to remodel homes in your state. J.Level & Square maintains the proper insurance, certifications, and bonding required to remodel homes in Philadelphia and the New Jersey area. Ask for a Free In-Home Consultation Once you’ve found a contractor or two with great credentials and reviews, request an in-home consultation. A trustworthy remodeling company will offer free consultations to prospective clients interested in retaining them for a remodeling project. These consultations typically consist of the contractor visiting your home to view your kitchen, hearing your ideas and requirements for the remodel, and budgetary goals.

Ask for an Initial Quote & Timeline When you decide on the kitchen remodeling contractor of your choice, you will need to get an initial quote and timeline to determine what you’re looking at in terms of budget and completion. Be sure to ask for an outline of the project phases and the order in which they will occur. When the deposit will be due, up front cost, if there will be an installment due along the way or just a final payment at the end? Reach out to J.Level & Square to learn more about estimating your kitchen remodeling project! We understand the search for kitchen remodeling contractors in Philadelphia may be intimidating. But we are sure you will find our company is one of the best in the city, as we are known for our attention to detail and providing our clients with the most trustworthy service. In your search for the best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor, consider J.Level & Square. We’ve been providing kitchen remodeling services to Philadelphia and surrounding areas for over 6 years. Visit our remodeling contractor website to learn more about our kitchen remodeling services. We offer free in-home consultation for our kitchen remodeling services, call today!


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