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What Is An Open Floor Plan?

There is a popular misconception that an open floor plan means that there are no walls and everything looks like one big room. Typically, this is reserved for the living room, kitchen and dining areas. Rooms such as the bathroom or offices do not fit in the open floor category. The best way to envision an open floor plan is as a multi-purpose area with no obstructions in its functionality.

One of the post-popular open floor plan areas is the kitchen and dining room design. These two areas are typically adjacent with a wall between them. In most open floor plans there is a peninsula or an island which can basically serve as a visual line in replacement of a wall.

The next popular area that is great for an open floor plan is the dining room and living room. One of the ways to divide the area could be through painting colors, stairs or even a railing. Typically, the dining room, kitchen and living room may have a vaulted ceiling.

Historically, open floor plans were very widely used in the 1990s. This was a very popular construction building in the suburban area. Open concept or an open floor plans can boost the value of their homes and the real estate market during that time. For most home owners, these days, an open floor plan is very important. This serves as one of the main reasons homeowners make improvements and undergo renovations. This design has the vast capability of incorporating many styles while allowing the space to maintain a social feel. An example would be parents utilizing the kitchen while still able to talk to their children in the living room. In the event of a special gathering or occasion, an open floor plan will serve as a great event space.

Your current floor plan may not meet your needs. In which we would advise you to consider breaking it apart. If possible, it’s best leave the main floor as one open area, often referred to as the "great room." It is not necessary to have separation of the living room, dining room and kitchen. Walls would be more suitable for areas such as bedrooms, offices and attics.

Are You Ready To Choose Your home Plan?

When you have decided it's time for an open floor plan, you will need a contracting company with a great designer. J Level & Square offers designers, remodeling services and 3D digital designs. Our team is qualified and has several years of experience. We are ready to create the living space you adore and would love to show off. Receive a free in-home consultation and get started on our easy process of renovation. You can click or call to get started today.


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